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How can we change the world?

That's why we have created ARK. ARK stands for Acts of Random Kindness. It's easy to change the world for good.

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Kindness caught on camera.

One person, one kindness, one world transformed. Every individual has the power to change our world for good!

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Introducing the Acts of Random Kindness App

Kindness in your pocket.

Download the ARK app, set up your be kinder reminder and off you go. You can also get an ARK, fill it up and give it to someone who needs it. Make someone's day and change our world for good.

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Lets work together to turn this world around.

Get an ARK, fill it up & give it to someone in need.

Lets work together to turn this around by creating positive energy instead, and inspiring hope. ARK Charity boxes have been created with the intention that people need to please fill the ARK with spare change and once full hand this to a person in need or a charity of their choice. Share your stories, post your pictures, get involved via Facebook and Twitter.

Ways to get Involved

Ways to get involved

Download the app

The ARK app was created as a tool to help you to make the world a kinder place. It will remind you to do something kind as often as you want, and give you suggestions for when you’re stuck.

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Ways to get involved

School Programme

When it comes to kindness, we believe you’ve got to start ‘em young. Through our participation with schools, teachers and pupils across the country, we’re teaching kids the beauty of being kind.

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Ways to get involved

For Businesses CSR

Being kind to those you know is a great start but why stop there? Just imagine the difference we could make if we ran kindness like a business, whose main objective was to make sure that those who needed help, got it. Your company has a huge role to play, no matter how big or small your involvement.

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Onboard the ARK

Being kind is good for business, and these brilliant companies are putting their money where their mouths are.

Testimony: The Shopping Cart

Nicole Tozzi

Becoming an ARK agent of change for me was a no brainer! The Shopping Cart is a new business, and right from the start being presented with an opportunity to be able to give back to others in a less fortunate position has been an absolute blessing for which I am so grateful. I was inspired by the idea that each ARK is given out at random, to anyone in need, as opposed to a specific organisation. Each order is sent out with an ARK in it (already filled with a starting coin). Please fill it, leave it in your car, and pass it on to whoever you feel could do with a miracle! Thank you!

Testimony: Haiku Events

Heather Hook

Haiku Events was proud to sponsor Ark's for one of our client's event goodie bags. We used the Ark's as a way to initiate a change towards good, and got great feedback from attendees. We also place our branding and contact details on the Ark - a great way for companies to promote their services, whilst giving back to the community. We love this concept and will continue to promote the addition of Ark's to conferencing clients.

Testimony: The Capital Hotel Group

Gillian Kapotwe (Head of Marketing)

We were excited to take part in change the world for good campaign and all staff across the group are getting involved and we will be handing over our full ARKs to Hearts of Hope a children’s charity. We have also handed 350 Arks to our sales managers and they in have started distributing these to all our corporate clients and travel agents. It has been heart-warming to realise how much people just want to help the next person in any way they can.

Testimony: Aluminium Trading

Eleanor Kuhn

Aluminium Trading embraces innovation on all levels and this is why we took on the “Change Our World For Good” initiative. Not only does it put the choice in the hands of the giver but it is an amazing innovative idea!

Testimony: NuMetro Cinemas

Janine Peck (Marketing Coordinator : Sites and centre management)

Nu Metro Cinemas believes in giving back to the community, and changing the world for good. We proudly support this great initiative, playing our humble role to assist in helping those in need. Arks are now available for only R2 at the following Nu Metro cinemas to benefit this worthy cause: Canal Walk, Pavilion, V&A Waterfront, Menlyn Park, The Glen, Clearwater Mall, Galleria Mall, Emperors Palace, Hyde Park Corner and Walmer Park.

Testimony: Gratiae

Ashleigh Ferreira

I’d like to say thank you for such a wonderful project you have started the response is fantastic! If every person today gave even 50 cents to help someone we could all make a massive change for the good in this world! We hand out the arks and customers have a great response to this! It is a simple way to show someone, who is busy and unaware of the importance of charity, how simple and easy it can be. All that needs to be done is to fill up an ark and pass on. What could be easier than that! I thank you for this opportunity and wish you all the success!

Testimony: Tali Digital Branding Solutions

Orlando de Abreu

We really love the ARK campaign because the power to pay forward the kindness lies totally with the person who fills it up! We also love the use of the colour Yellow as it is a gentle yet effective reminder on your desk that this little yellow ARK has the power to make someone smile when they need it the most and expect it the least. The thing about being Human is no matter how small the action we can all make a difference, LOVE IT!

Testimony: GCubed

Bruno Broomfield

The ARK initiative is a great cause cutting out the middle man while giving back and making the difference more personal. The Worforce Group appreciated Gcube’s donation of 1000 ARK’s which we distributed to all the staff and management while creating awareness through the monthly newsletter and posters. We look forward to seeing more positive change and thankful smiles.

Testimony: Eclipse Promotions

Lee-Anne Eades (Owner)

Eclipse Promotions – and its clients – love the ARK programme! The company sent ARKs to clients with its 2016/7 catalogue. Lee-anne Eades, owner of Eclipse Promotions, says she has only received positive feedback from clients. Our clients love them and the feedback has been nothing short of fantastic! The project was met with such enthusiasm. Our clients have been super active in filling the ARKs and handing them out to those in need! She adds that this exercise has proved that everyone can make a difference. The feedback has been phenomenal, with such heart-warming stories shared. Every one of us can make a difference! We are so happy to be part of Changing our World For Good.

Testimony: SABRIC

Salona Moodley

SABRIC fully supports the Change The World for Good campaign, and their vision of creating positivity and goodwill, and is proud to be a part of their “Acts of Random Kindness” (ARK) project. We distributed our ARK charity boxes to our board members, steerco and staff, and have been watching them fill up steadily. SABRIC, which also seeks to make a difference by combatting organised bank-related crimes, strongly believes that it is only by partnering with the right people and organisations, that a lasting impact can be made. We will therefore continue to support Change The World for Good and ARK, and look forward to sharing where we were able to make a difference to people’s lives.

Testimony: Introstat

Tormei Gove

As soon as Introstat heard about the Ark project we knew it was something we wanted to be involved in. At Introstat we loved the idea that the Arks could be filled and given to anyone in need, and not fixed to a particular charity. We created our own labels for the Arks explaining what the movement was about and reminded people that the Arks were available at all of our Introstat branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Each staff member received an Ark on their desks which are being filled every day. Our corporate reps have also taken Arks to their clients and the feedback has been really positive. We are always promoting the Ark Project on all of Introstat’s social media platforms, because at Introstat we support the Ark project #ChangeOurWorldForGood.

Testimony: The Walty Brothers Fun Day

Belinda Walt

We bought the ARK’s to give to all the kids (over 300) that played in our fun day this year. The Walty Brothers fun day is an annual fun day for kids to have fun in memory of my boys, Dylan and Dean, while giving back. This year’s recipient was Arcadia Children’s Home as they are building a new home. I branded the ark’s with stickers and hope that the collections all find their way to those less fortunate. I was hoping that the kids would take the cash out and keep the actual Ark’s to keep on collecting.

Testimony: Pick a Paint Rustenburg

Andre Ruthven

The Arks have kick-started a very inspiring journey for our business by making us, and in turn those we partner with, realize how much of an impact we collectively can make!

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