• What is ARK?

    One small act of kindness can make a difference.

    But one act of kindness repeated, truly has the ability to transform a life.

    And that’s what makes ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) different to any other form of giving.

    Just put a little change every day, into the yellow boat. When it’s full give it to someone or something deserving.

    Anyone or anything.

    You decide.

    Then, when that’s done, do it again.

    Very soon you’ll see that what starts off as small change in your life, creates a big change in the life of someone else.

  • The ARK Effect

  • “When you see the ARK on your desk, it reminds you that it’s time to do something good and be nice to others. It does good. It feels good. And, you can do it again and again.”

     - Stanley Fleishman – Chairman, Jetro/Restaurant Depot

    “Giving daily via the ARK has educated and enabled me to spread the act of giving to other people. Starting off your day by placing some change into the ARK puts you into a mindset of kindness, setting your day on track to be one of kindness and giving. Doing daily acts of kindness for a couple of weeks builds the excitement to find someone on whom you can make an impact by giving them the ARK. I can’t tell you how tremendously rewarding it is to see the joy and happiness of a stranger who receives the filled ARK.”

    - Aaron Black– Sixt Rent a Car


    Acts of Random Kindness

    with Businesses

    Acts of Random Kindness

    with Schools

    Acts of Random Kindness

    with Community Members

  • “What a gift is the gift of choice. The freedom to choose what to give, when to give and who to give it to.”